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Daily wahdat newspaper Peshawar today

Daily wahdat newspaper پښتو وحدت نيوز Peshawar today is a leading Pashto newspaper which is being publish from Peshawar. But, the daily wahdat pashto newspaper was launch by Peer Sufaid Shah Hamdard in 1976. Daily wahdat pashto newspaper is regularly publishing from Peshawar. However, the daily wahdat pashto epaper is based on positive and trustworthy journalism. Therefore, today daily wahdat pashto newspaper is a leading newspaper of Peshawar Pukhtoonkhwa. today daily wahdat pashto epaper has wast majority of readers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Russia and Iran. Daily wahdat e paper today’s newspaper official website: www.dailywahdat.com.pk.

Wahdat pashto newspaper is the prime source of news for Pakhtoons living abroad. But, the wahdat daily pashto newspaper is a wide page newspaper with economy as compare to other newspaper of this city. So, readers can read native, national and international news in daily wahdat.Daily wahdat akhbar provides politics, business, entertainment and sports news on regular basis.daily wahdat pashto latest news are collected by its large network of reporters. daily wahdat pashto jobs section is famous among the job seekers. This newspaper advertises national and international jobs advertisements. Therefore, daily wahdat pashto 2024 is the real source of true news.

Daily wahdat contact information.
Founder and Publisher: Peer Sufaid Shah Hamdard
Editor: Syed Haroon Shah
Daily Wahdat Peshawar address:
Peshawar, Pakistan.
[email protected]
Daily Wahdat khyber bazar Peshawar
Address: Khyber Bazar Rd, Shoba, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000
Phone: 0313 1313256

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