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The Muslim Weekly

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The Muslim weekly was started on 2003 by SNS Media Ltd. The Muslim news weekly published from London every Friday. This amazing weekly news paper updates England Muslims from all over the world news. This weekly newspaper publishes local and overseas news about religion, social issues and sports. This Muslim weekly magazine also publishes editorials provide space for readers. This weekly Mag has huge circulation number, which is about 40,000. The Muslim Weekly is a Muslim newspaper published in London the capital of the United Kingdom. The Muslim weekly newspaper update about the news of the UK and world. Moreover, it also covers feature, lifestyle, finance and sports. This weekly newspaper also includes comments of the readers. This Muslim weekly newspaper is also available online on the Internet and it is also updated on Facebook. The Muslim News the UK postal address is Suite 8, Montefiore Centre, Hanbury Street, London E1 5HZ. However, contact number is 020 7377 1919.

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