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Weekly azm is continuously being publishing since 1989. This weekly or haft roza newspaper fantastic and amazing. Rehmat Ali Razi is chief editor of this weekly newspaper. Weekly azm has different segments within this news paper just like religious portion, informative columns, interviews, literature, sports, art and culture. This weekly newspaper has large circulation because it is famous among the readers. It has latest information and current events. Readers can easy search it online by just typing www.weeklyazm.com. Weekly Azm Lahore epaper is also updated on the regular basis. Moreover, this weekly news paper is also present on facebook. Read weekly azm Urdu magazine online through smart phones or computers. This weekly Urdu mag is classic and has a lot of information about politics and current world issues. This online Urdu magazine contains qualified and experienced team of journalists and other experts. Weekly azm contains religious columns, interviews from the celebrities and icons of different fields.

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