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Daily waqt news paper

Daily Waqt Newspaper of Pakistan

Daily Waqt Urdu newspaper is being publishing from province Punjab Lahore. Roznama Waqt Lahore روزنامہ وقت is ABC certified daily Urdu newspaper. The Daily Waqt Urdu newspaper continuously updating the public from current news and views. Urdu newspaper daily waqt publish local, national and international news. Moreover, daily waqt Urdu news paper also cover political news, business news, sports news, entertainment news and showbiz news. This famous Urdu newspaper daily Waqt associated with Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications, which is established by Hameed Nizami. Pakistan News daily Urdu waqat consist of 32 pages. This is popular news paper in entire country. Daily waqt Sunday magazine is also publish every Sunday that contains different types of topics and comments. This mag was launched on 22nd September 2012. Daily waqat e paper is also available online by just typing www.dailywaqt.com. Daily Waqt ePaper is easily available on the Internet. Read daily Waqt Urdu newspaper online and waqt magazine. Daily Waqt epaperdaily is regularly updated online every day. Daily Waqt Urdu akhbar also advertise online Jobs for different companies and organization. Daily waqt magazine and newspaper has Facebook page. Urdu roznama waqt has fantastic team of journalists which covers all events within country and abroad.

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