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Daily samaj news paper gujranwala Pakistan

Daily Samaj Urdu newspaper is a leading news papers of Gujranwala. Urdu daily samaj newspaper covers all sorts of news from all over the country and abroad. Roznama samaj Gujranwala is a complete news paper that update its readers and viewers from current and latest news. This daily samaj epaper is also easily available on the Internet and you can even browse it in smart or mobile phones. Readers of this news paper can read previous news papers online. Daily samaj urdu online epaper is just one click away from your reach. Readers and viewers can open it from its facebook page like daily samaj facebook. It is hoped that in near future the organization will launch it's Daily Samaj Channel. Daily Samaj Urdu news paper equipped with talented, skilled and experienced team of journalists. They are performing their duties professionally entire country and overseas. Roznma Samaj Urdu akhbar is the most popular in this division. Readers can easily contact the editor or other staff of this newspaper at www.dailysamaj.com/contact.html‎, while contacting numbers are Ph:+92 (300) 6431961. Fax:+92-55-3850044.

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