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92 Urdu newspaper is launched after the great achievement of HD plus news channel. 92 news Media published roznama 92 News paper, which is a countrywide Urdu news paper. The top quality and ranked newspaper updates the public with latest national and international events. The famous and seasoned journalist Muhammad Haider Ameen looking this news paper as Editor-in-Chief, while Irshad Arif supervises this newspaper as Group Editor. 92 news paper is initiated and launched because of public awareness about current political and commercial situation of the country as well as international position. This daily 92 news paper published from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. 92 News roznama has an experienced team of journalists just like Sajjad Mir, Izharul Haq, Khalid Masood, Oriya Maqbool Jaan, Mustanser Hussain Tarrar, Arif Nizami. Similarly this 92 news has a large network of talented news reporters from all cites of Pakistan.92 news provides latest news from politics, business, sports, showbiz and it also covers latest global situation.92 Urdu roznma also publish current jobs is different departments and this news paper is also available online through epaper.

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