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Daily Mashriq Peshawar Newspaper in Urdu

Daily Mashriq Urdu newspaper is a top ranked newspaper of Pakistan. This newspaper initiated from Lahore. The staff comes from Daily Kohistan Lahore and started Mashriq newspaper in 1903. This newspaper was taken by the national press trust in 1946. It was a good time for the daily mashriq Urdu newspaper. Daily mashriq newspaper covers all types of news related to sports, politics, current affairs, entertainment, showbiz and international issues. Daily Mashriq Peshawar was run under the supervision of Agha Syed Tajmir shah and was the first chief editor of the daily Mashriq newspaper. Roznama Mashriq swiftly grabbed the trust and faith of the national and international readers. Mashriq Epaper is also introduced online and it is updated on a daily basis and it can be searched by URL http://dailymashriq.pk/peshawar.html. Daily mashriq Peshawar epaper Peshawar is free of cost and easy browse. Mashriq Sunday magazine is a weekly magazine, which is also launched by daily Mashriq news paper. Mashriq weekly magazine publish every Sunday. This magazine provides different types of articles, information and knowledge. This Mashriq weekly mag is fantastic and attractive. Daily Mashriq Urdu newspaper has qualified, experienced and skilled journalists team entire Pakistan. They continuously update the readers from current affairs and events. This news paper is familiar among the nationals of this country. Similarly Mashriq newspaper also advertise different types of jobs on a daily basis. Mashriq news also has a facebook page under this URL https://www.facebook.com/dailymashriqpesh. Mashriq news daily mailing address is Bilal Town, GT Road Peshawar City P.O. Box 1107 Phone:- 92-91-2651151-2 Fax:- 92-91-2651197-98. This daily Urdu newspaper is being publishing from other cities of the Pakistan just as Daily Mashriq Peshawar, Daily Mashriq Lahore, Daily Mashriq Quetta and Daily Mashriq Muzaffarabad Ajk. Daily mashriq quetta epaper is also available online for Internet viewers. 1800px1800px1800px

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