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Daily Kawish

Daily Kawish Sindhi Newspaper

Kawish is a famous leading Sindhi daily newspaper published from Hyderabad Pakistan. Daily kawish news paper is circulated and published in huge number and it is an icon among Sindhi languages newspapers. Daily kawish epaper newspaper Hyderabad started on 3rd August 1991 under supervision of seasoned journalist of Pakistan Ali Kazi. Kawish Group of Publications also have three Sindhi channels KTN, KTN News and Kashish. Daily kawish online inform about jobs, entertainment, current news and columns. Daily kawish Sindhi newspaper is a leading daily at Hyderabad. Daily Kawish online is a major source of Sindhi language news from whole Pakistan and specially from near by cities just as Hyderabad, Khairpur, Sadiqabad, Larkana, Badin, Thatha and Karachi. Daily Kawish is also available on internet as an epaper and viewers can read previous editions of this newspaper.
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