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Daily Jinnah Urdu newspaper publishing from different cities of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Daily Jinnah news paper is a leading newspaper of this country which has huge circulation. Daily Jinnah has different editions just like Islamabad edition, Lahore edition, Karachi edition, Peshawar edition, Rawalpindi and Islamabad editions. Urdu daily jinnah newspaper Islamabad is released from the capital of Pakistan and circulated in different areas adjacent to capital territory and Kashmir. Daily Jinnah newspaper in Urdu is also available online in Internet and it is just one click away from readers. Jinnah ePaper daily is available on this URL http://dailyjinnah.com/. Jinnah Urdu newspaper Pakistan covers all cities of Pakistan as well as provides international news, views and current events online as well as in publish form. Daily Jinnah is top ranked roznama of Pakistan which consist of twelve pages. Daily Jinnah Urdu newspaper has fantastic team of journalists and critics while the chief editor is Mahmood Shaam. Readers and others can contact the Daily Jinnah newspaper through email. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Daily Jinnah is also available in Facebook from where you can read and shared news to your friends. Jinnah Urdu newspaper regularly advertise jobs in different categories. Similarly Jinnah Urdu akhbar also provides political news, sports news, business news, showbiz news and other international affairs news

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