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Daily jasarat newspaper is a Karachi based news paper, which is being publish since 1970. روزنامہ جسارت‎ Urdu daily jasarat newspaper is large published newspaper, which is circulated from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Daily jasarat Karachi is a leading news paper in Urdu language which covers different topics and segments. Urdu daily jasarat provide latest news and views from icon, celebrates and political figures. Daily jasarat Urdu Karachi Pakistan is largest publishing and circulated news paper in Karachi. Jasarat news paper is first online newspaper in Pakistan, which is in Urdu language. Roznama Jasarat is top ranked Urdu daily that has fantastic team of journalist and reporters. Daily Jasarat Urdu newspaper also available online on the Internet. Jasarat Epaper is regularly updated by the Jasarat computer section team. Jasarat E-Paper is easily navigate on the Internet on its official website. Jasarat daily provides national and international news from other parts of the world through skilled reporters. Daily Jasarat epaperdaily is easy way to read this classic news paper from other countries of the world. Urdu daily jasarat also launched Sunday magazine which has different topics and attraction for all age groups. Daily jasarat newspaper has qualified columnist which express political scenario and international updates
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