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Daily Aaj Newspaper Abbottabad Peshawar Urdu

The daily Aaj Urdu newspaper is a famous news paper of Hazara division and Peshawar. Daily aaj newspaper is being publish from Abbottabad and Peshawar at the same time. Daily aaj Abbottabad Urdu news paper is publishing since 1989. روزنامہ آج Urdu akhbar is top rank newspaper in KPK province. Aaj Urdu newspaper is associated with all Pakistan Newspapers Society organization. Daily Aaj Urdu newspaper covers local, national and international news through its qualified and experienced reporters and journalists. Daily Aaj newspaper in Urdu provides political news, sports news, showbiz news, columns on different subjects and public opinion. Daily aaj newspaper Peshawar also update its readers with latest news and current situation of the country. Daily aaj newspaper online is also available and it regularly updated by the Aaj news management. Daily Aaj Abbottabad newspaper online is also available on the internet for its online readers within country and overseas. Readers from all over the world can read today ePaper daily aaj from its official website. Daily Aaj epaperdaily is easy to browse online and daily aaj jobs are also advertised by the daily aaj Peshawar and daily aaj Abbottabad. Daily aaj also has Facebook page for its readers and viewers. Daily aaj also launched daily aaj magazine, which is published on each Sunday.
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