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The Daily Dawn English newspaper is a leading newspaper of Pakistan, it is published in huge number from Pakistan. The circulation of this newspaper is all over the country and frequently available in all cities of the country in time. Dawn news is publishing and owning by Dawn Group of newspaper. Daily Dawn newspaper has a unique honorable that it was founded by first governor general of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the year 1941. The main aim of this dawn news paper was supporting Muslims in united India before the creation of Pakistan. Dawn head office is located in Karachi. However, local offices are in Islamabad and Lahore. Abbas Nisar is current editor of Dawn newspaper, Dawn epaper is also available online. Dawn newspaper is the prime source of jobs advertisement, dawn news is updating readers through breaking news. Dawn is a comprehensive English language newspaper and publishing weekly magazines. Dawn news paper cover issues of children, men, women and teens. Daily Dawn address education, politics, business, current affairs and sport issues. Official website of Daily Dawn newspaper is www.dawn.com.

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