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British Broadcasting Corporation is commonly known as BBC and it is top ranked news channel. This news agency cover entire globe and has worldwide representatives. BBC news are telecast about thirty different languages. Although BBC covers whole world, but main news are telecast from BBC news the UK. BBC news channel telecast 24 hours news. BBC news Urdu world has fantastic reporters and journalists which collects news from different parts of the world including Pakistan. BBC news live telecast events from all over the world. BBC news London also provide BBC weather reports continuously. BBC World service Urdu display news in Urdu regularly. BBC Urdu newspaper is also available online in Internet for online viewers. BBC Urdu news Live cover 24 hours a day in Pakistan. BBC news Urdu sports news, political news, science news and entertainment news. BBC Urdu News are authentic and more reliable because these news are gathered from the competent news reporters. BBC news Urdu London is the mainstream from where they telecast and relay Urdu news for international viewers and listeners. BBC Urdu Facebook page is also available online. بی بی سی اردو is an international service similarly BBC also provides news in pashto and Sindhi languages.

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